Are you pregnant and suffering from addiction?

Protect Yourself And Your Unborn Child From Substance

Welcome to Mango Bay Retreat the premier Substance Abuse treatment Center and thank you for your interest in our program. Being addicted and pregnant can be a frightening thing, however, you can find the individualized treatment and care you are looking for right here.

At Mango Bay Retreat we are dedicated to providing you the highest quality care for you and your unborn child .We can break the cycle of shame, fear, and rejection associated with addiction by giving you the life saving resources for you and your unborn child. We are committed to eliminating NEONATAL WITHDRAWAL.

Pregnant Drug Addicts West Palm Beach

Who do we accept?

We accept women in all three (3) trimesters of their pregnancy. Facing your addiction during any point in pregnancy is live saving for you and your unborn child. Start your Recovery Today. Mango Bay Retreat is her for you and your family.

Will I be judged?

We believe that respect and accountability, not judgment, are the core of an effective treatment program. Our mission is to provide women the love, strength and wisdom they need to fully recover and live productive lives as mothers in our community. We accomplish that through teaching personal responsibility and coping skills with our caring, dedicated team of professionals.

How are we different?

Mango Bay Retreat is founded by a Maternal Fetal Specialist (high-risk obstetrician) dedicated to improve the lives of women suffering with addiction in pregnancy . We are one of the few facilities that will treat pregnant patients in all stages of pregnancy .

We work with a collaborative of team of psychiatric providers, addiction professionals and obstetricians that will closely monitor your progress 24/7.

Dr. Jones has dedicated the last 20 years to caring for pregnant women. She fully understands and has extensive experience in the medical, social, and emotional needs of women requiring specialized care during pregnancy with addiction. She works closely with referring physicians to continue obstetric care with your physician whenever possible. Mango Bay Retreat has a collaborative of team of Obstetricians, Specialists, Psychiatric Provider, Psychologists and addiction professionals that will closely monitor your progress 24/7.

Drug Rehab for Pregnant Women

What does addiction do to my unborn baby?

Drug or alcohol abuse affects the unborn child more than the mother. The small unformed fetus relies on the mother for nutrition and growth. Babies whose mothers are using drugs or alcohol during pregnancy suffer from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), birth defects, learning disabilities and developmental delays.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (N.A.S.)

What is neonatal abstinence syndrome?

Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is a disorder characterized by signs and symptoms of irritability, poor feeding, difficulty breathing and seizures. . It is most commonly due to infants exposed to opioids such as heroin while in the mothers womb. and can pass through the placenta and cause serious problems for your baby.

Recent studies indicate that detoxification under close observation coupled with ongoing supportive rehabilitation services is safe for both mother and fetus and can result in decrease in relapse and NAS

At Mango Bay Retreat, our mom’s learn skills to live without drug and alcohol addiction during pregnancy and after birth. We offer both medically assisted treatment and detoxification coupled with intensive counseling and rehabilitation services.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome West Palm Beach

At Mango Bay Retreat, our mom’s learn skills to live without drug and alcohol addiction during pregnancy and after birth.

Treatment Options for Pregnant Drug Users West Palm Beach

What prenatal education will be provided?

We will be providing education on general newborn care and parenting.

Will there be parenting classes?

Yes. A local Pediatric Provider will be speaking regarding basic care for the newborn such as diapering, feeding, bathing your newborn and stages of development.

What types of physical activities are there?

Light physical activity during pregnancy maintains a sense of maternal well-being. Those with medical or obstetrical complications may require more limited activity. We offer a variety of exercise such as yoga, gym and beach walks to name a few.

Will there be nutritional guidance?

Healthy eating and lifestyle seminars focusing on the right foods and exercise to increase the possibility of positive birth outcomes will be offered.

Will transportation be provided to and from my Obstetrical appointments?

Prenatal care is extremely important to reduce the risk of any complications related to pregnancy such as preeclampsia, diabetes, anemia, preterm birth, or poor growth in utero. Transportation will be provided to and from the Obstetrician’s office for visits as it increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy.

At Mango Bay Retreat you will not be judged based on your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

We will provide you with love, strength and wisdom to make good choices for you and your unborn child during pregnancy and after.

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