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“Addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the addicted individual and to those around him or her.  Although the initial decision to take drugs is voluntary for most people, the brain changes that occur over time challenge an addicted person’s self-control and hamper his or her ability to resist intense impulses to take drugs.” (

Mango Bay Retreat provides specialized services regarding Partial Hospitalization (PHP) also referred to as Day/Night Treatment, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Treatment. Mango Bay Retreat addresses clients needs on a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional level. Clients are assessed throughout the ASAM (Addiction Society of American Medicine) through six criteria of care to determine level of appropriate treatment. Clients are assessed through symptoms of acute withdrawals; presence of biomedical condition; emotional, cognitive and behavioral components impacting sobriety; readiness to change and internal motivations; relapse proneness behaviors and continued use potential; and recovery environment supports.

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Physical Components

Mango Bay Retreat West Palm Beach

Physical components consist of the effects of the disease on each client physiologically and establishing healthier outlets is paramount in early. Mango Bay Retreat provides individualized nutrition for all components of withdrawals (acute and post-acute) along with nutritional essentials for the unborn fetus for clients in our pregnancy program. Clients receive psycho-education on HIV/AIDS, safe-sex practices, sexually transmitted infections and access to services for massage, fitness center utilities and regulated medications. Depending on what level of care each client is clinically and medically appropriate for, clients will receive more or less of these services.

Mental & Emotional

Mental and emotional aspects of recovery can be the most challenging to overcome. Through psycho-education, didactic process groups and individualized therapy sessions and support from the interdisciplinary treatment team, each client is provided a safe and comfortable journey with the coping mechanisms to overcome triggers and defenses for relapse. Mango Bay Retreat offers individual therapy for post-partum depression among other presenting issues, smaller intimate didactic group sizes that focus emphasis on relapse prevention, substance use disorders, life skills, unresolved grief and loss coping skills, relationship and family issues, ability to recognize and correct distorted thinking patterns, addressing unresolved guilt and shame as it pertains to relapse, implementaton of healthier boundaries and appropriate communication tools, medication education and management and pre-natal classes, understanding post-acute withdrawal, culture and gender issues, non-chemical process addictions, addressing womens’ unique health concerns, coping with depression, understanding the effects of anxiety and worry on the body, and unresolved trauma or stress related disorders.

Spiritual Development

Mango Bay Retreat West Palm Beach

Spiritual development can add a rewarding and nurturing component to the recovery process. The support and tranquility of becoming in touch with one’s spiritual side can further solidify one’s capability to exhibit self-trust, to continue to improve through self-compassion and maintain longevity in sobriety. Mango Bay Retreat offers services for the effects of addiction on the spiritual realm through holistic modalities such as meditation, reiki, mindfulness, yoga, stress and anger management, and anxiety coping skills in addition to massage therapy.

Mango Bay Retreat offers a program-specific standard for pre-natal parenting geared towards expectant mothers with innovative medical attention not offered in typical rehab locations. Pregnant clients receive the individualized clinical and medical attention necessary to provide safety and quality of life through the process of early recovery. Mango Bay Retreat supports 12-Step based models and provides access to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymousrecovery meetings but also encourages exploration of alternatives towards recovery such as SMART recovery, Ascent and Celebrate Recovery choices. Mango Bay Retreat utilizes evidenced-based practices that support longevity in sobriety but also recognizes that there is no cookie-cutter solution for everyone and is open to supporting individualized care and attention for clients who struggle to subscribe to the 12 Step model of the tenants of Alcoholics Anonymous due to chronic relapse proneness behaviors with previous attempts at working with the 12-Step Model.

Levels of Care

 Partial Hospitalization         

Intensive Outpatient

Mango Bay Retreat’s interdisciplinary team works together to create individualized treatment plans with each client. Staff works with families to gain collateral information to evaluate all comprehensive factors contributing to and/or exacerbating one’s substance use history such as trauma, grief, co-occurring disorders and environmental factors to address modules in client recovery. Daily communication and collaboration in each level of care results in honest client progress at each stage of treatment. Mango Bay Retreat encourages familial involvement in client recovery program but does not mandate it.

Lifetime Self-Care: Continued support after completing each episode of treatment is critical for both the client and loved ones. Individualized outpatient therapy, E-therapy and continued recovery meetings such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), HA (Heroin Anonymous), CA (Cocaine Anonymous), CODA (Codependents Anonymous), OE (Over-Eaters Anonymous), ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics/Addicts Anonymous)for clients and Al-Anon or Nar-Anon support groups to help educate family members to increase sustained recovery in a healthy way and add strength towards longevity in sobriety. Since addiction is a lifelong battle, alumni care is also recommended for accountability and emotional support, with personal recommendations and local resource planning. Clients will work closely with case management services to schedule solid, safe and realistic aftercare goals that are attainable for each client upon the time of discharge from Mango Bay Retreat.

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