Are you a woman 18 years or older suffering from addiction?

Free yourself from the burden on substance use

Welcome to Mango Bay Retreat and thank you for interest in our program dedicated to women. Our women’s substance abuse treatment center is a unique combination of holistic therapies, traditional counseling and creative therapies motivating our patients to take a fresh start against their battle with addiction. Our total-healing approach is effective in relapse prevention and continuing long term success. As women, we understand the physical, mental and emotional demands place on women today. Our holistic approach will help you reclaim your health, learn to form healthy relationships and win the battle against addiction. Our professional team and highly skilled clinicians are trained in providing love, strength and wisdom to women. Our therapies will help you heal your mind, body and spirit by physical exercise, nutritional counseling and yoga.

Women's Addiction Treatment Center West Palm Beach

Who do we accept?

We accept all women 18 and older.

What types of diagnosis do we accept?

Addictions of any nature such as alcohol, drugs, and dual diagnosis disorders relating to substance abuse disorders.

Are you, or is your patient ready?

Addiction therapy works best for women when they possess a willingness and positive attitude for improvement and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having a willing patient will provide the most promising outcome.

What types of physical activities are there?

Physical activity maintains a sense of maternal well-being and establishes regular activity preventing the onset of chronic diseases associated with most sedentary lifestyles. We offer a variety of exercise such as yoga, state-of-art gym and beach walks to name a few.

Will I be judged?

We believe that respect and accountability, not judgment, are the core of an effective treatment program. Our mission is to provide women the love, strength and wisdom they need to fully recover and live productive, happy lives. We accomplish that through teaching personal responsibility and coping skills with our caring, dedicated team of professionals.

How are we different?

Mango Bay Retreat is one of the few all women’s facilities in South Florida that is owned and operated by a physician dedicated to women’s issues. We have a collaborative of team of Psychiatric Providers and Addiction Professionals that will closely monitor your progress or the progress of a loved one 24/7.

How long does rehabilitation take?

Most rehabilitation programs are at least 30 day programs with 60 and 90 day extensions when medically necessary. The length of stay is determined by the type of addiction, the patient’s individual history, the severity, other dual diagnosis disorders, and the patient’s mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual conditions. Longer stays in rehabilitation have fostered better rates of results allowing the patient to focus on the root cause and behavior associated with the addiction. Once discovered and addressed, women are more likely not to relapse and find strength to resist temptations.

Rehab for Women West Palm Beach

Will there be nutritional guidance?

Mango Bay Retreat provides healthy nutrition and living seminars focusing on the right foods and exercise to increase the possibility of long term recovery. The importance of abstaining from tobacco, drugs and alcohol are discussed for a healthier lifestyle. Our goal is to promote good health to women, to take an active role in their physical care, gain confidence, and empower them to make more informed decisions through inner wisdom.

Why should I seek rehab away from home?

Removing the patient from their current environment can be beneficial in the rehabilitation process where they are used to abusing drugs and or alcohol. The new environment allows the patient to fully focus on their issues of addiction, free from temptations or outside distractions. Our outpatient facility is a good option for patients wishing to stay closer and live at home while recovering. Mango Bay Retreat is designed to give you a fresh start and a new view on life.

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